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The RM Toolbox

Allow me to share two experiences that shaped my perspective on RM tools. The first occurred around 40 years ago during a short course atop a windmill.

Communicating with fellow students, who spoke English as a second language, presented challenges. Requesting a hammer might result in being handed a screwdriver, leading to amusing mishaps. It dawned on me then that effective communication and choosing the right tools for the job are crucial in any endeavor.

The second tale unfolded about 15 years ago in Singapore. I had extensive experience optimizing table mix in restaurants and offered suggestions to enhance their customer capacity. However, they dismissed my ideas, citing a labor shortage. This taught me a valuable lesson: while RM offers an array of tools, the true art lies in selecting the right one for the job. Thus, the RM toolbox was born.

The RM Toolbox Unveiled

The RM toolbox has three shelves: “All-purpose,” “Hot,” and “Cold.” Each shelf holds a unique array of tools, and the key to success lies in knowing when to draw from each.

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