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Is Revenue Management in a Rut??

I'd say yes. We've been talking about the same topics for years, but for the most part, haven't made much progress. We keep talking about the same things (think total hotel RM, data analytics, integration, distribution management etc.) and seem to be more engaged in talking about them instead of actually implementing them.

My good friend, Kelly McGuire, and I recently did a presentation on this at ROC at HSMAI Middle East (which was amazing, by the way!!).

Kelly and I are on opposite sides of the world right now (she's in Las Vegas and I'm in Singapore), so isn't here with me to 'co-star' in the video, but trust me, the presentation isn't nearly as good or fun without her!!! I hope that after watching this video you get a flavor of what we had to say.

Kelly and I would love to hear what you think! How can RM move forward???? It's time.

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